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Welcome to the Kids' Corner

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Kids' Art Gallery

Grab your pens, pencils, markers or glue, and open your imaginations to all things wild and wonderful! We want to showcase your works of animal art or conservation creations here on our website. After your masterpiece is complete, snap a pic and submit it here!

Submit your Artwork

Here are a few ideas for you creative cats!

  • Draw your favorite animal. Show us what you love about it and what makes it special to you.
  • Draw or build an animal habitat. Does this creature live in the jungle, desert, or mountains? What does it like to eat? Does your animal like to hide or stay out in the open?
  • Create an entirely new species! Draw an animal no one’s seen before. Think about what makes it unique and why.
  • Invent a solution to threats animals face in the wild, like habitat loss, pollution, poaching, or climate change. How can you help animals overcome these threats?

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