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Make a Bird Feeder

  • how to make a birdfeeder


    • Toilet paper roll

    • String

    • Peanut butter

    • Seeds (bird, pumpkin, sunflower)

  • add peanut butter

    Step 1

    Spread peanut butter on the toilet paper roll.

  • dip in birdseed

    Step 2

    Cover the peanut butter with seeds.

  • add a string

    Step 3

    Attach a piece of string to the toilet paper roll so you can hang the bird feeder outside on a branch or place on the ground.

  • hang

    Step 4

    Hang your bird buffet!

Winged Wonders

Birds play a big role in the circle of life by pollinating plants, spreading seeds and maintaining balance in the environment. Birds also provide beauty in our own backyards! Check out more ways to support these winged wonders below!

finchMake your backyard bird-friendly

There are simple ways to create a bird-friendly backyard. When they're done feasting from your spectacular bird feeder, give birds a safe spot to take a dip and enjoy a drink. Set up a birdbath and fill it with a shallow layer of water. Visit a local nursery and purchase a variety of native plants to provide nutrients for the birds. Shrubs also allow birds to hide from predators and harsh weather conditions. Speaking of predators, keep your cat indoors!

Help fight climate change

Climate change is having a major effect on bird species. Warmer temperatures are now causing birds to winter and breed farther north. Do your part to help fight climate change! Try walking to school if you live close enough, or walk to the market instead of driving. Enjoy a meatless meal with your family. Get involved with your community and brainstorm ideas to become more environmentally-friendly. Try calculating your carbon footprint and see what habits you can adjust to make a big difference.

Become a certified NestWatcher

Ornithologists (bird scientists) need you! Cornell University is looking for NestWatchers to help collect data about nesting birds. Learn more!


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