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Saturday, June 1: Franklin Park Zoo will be closed for our annual gala, Zootopia. We hope to see you on another day!

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Welcome to the Kids' Corner

All About Animals

Black Bears

  • bear brothers

    Who's Who?

    Most people can bearly tell these handsome boys apart. But ask our zookeepers, and they'll tell you that Smoky is fluffier and has a square-shaped face, whereas Bubba is more sleek and streamlined, with a thinner face. Bubba's ears also stick out a bit more than his brother's.

  • bear

    Bear Fare

    Here at the Zoo, the bear brothers love snacks like sweet peppers, lemons, limes, apples, pears and honey. There are a few munchies these boys find unbearable, like watermelon, beans, peas, and even fish! In their native habitat, black bears eat a mostly plant-based diet like berries, leaves and grasses, but they'll also eat meat and insects. Yum!

  • bear

    Bear Care

    Smoky and Bubba are trained to participate in their own health care! Through positive reinforcement, the bears will open their mouths for a dental checkup, hold up their paws, or present a shoulder or hip so they can receive medicine. We don't speak bear, and they don’t speak human, so training takes time, trust and patience!  

  • bear with enrichment

    Bear Behavior

    Bears like to forage, or search, for their food. Here at the Zoo, we offer the boys enrichment toys or puzzle feeders that encourage them to explore their environment using natural instincts and behaviors.

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