To protect our guests, staff, volunteers and community amid concerns of the COVID-19 outbreak (novel coronavirus), Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo will be temporarily closed until further notice. All scheduled events and education programs are also cancelled during this time. >Learn more


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Zoo to You

We're bringing the Zoo to you! 

Every day at 1:30 p.m., check out our Facebook pages (FPZ | SZ) for a daily dose of animal cuteness, chats with our care staff, crafts and activities to do at home, and more! 

Welcome to our first Zoo To You! Learn about our black bears, Smoky and Bubba, with Zoo Educators Jen and Katie!

We’re all ears as we spend time with Ariel the fennec fox, an Animal Ambassador here at Zoo New England!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy today’s #ZooToYou - featuring our sloth family here at Stone Zoo!

Get ready to move and groove during today’s #ZooToYou – featuring Julius the ostrich and Zookeeper Nicole! Find out all about our ostriches, including why they display this special “dance”.

For today's #ZooToYou, Senior Keeper Dayle wants you to meet a new face on the block -- Dunkin, a two-year-old female otter! This cutie arrived to the Zoo as a recommendation by the Species Survival Plan – a program that strives to ensure healthy and genetically diverse populations of species. Learn more about North American river otters.

Today’s #ZooToYou comes from the vernal pool! Even during these tough times, members of our staff have been continuing to complete important field work. Emilie from Zoo New England's Grassroots Wildlife Conservation is here to talk about what the start of spring time means for native species that we’re helping to protect, like wood frogs, and will even give you an up-close look at wood frog eggs! 


Happy Salamander Sunday! For today’s #ZooToYou,we’re focusing on some squirmy little marbled salamanders. Zoo New England's Grassroots Wildlife Conservation has been working with local schools to head-start 80 salamanders, and once big and healthy enough, they will be released into the Middlesex Fells as part of the reintroduction effort to boost populations. Hear more from Senior Keeper Courtney!

Mondays can be tough, but we've goat the cure: Meet our friends in the Franklin Farm in today’s #ZootoYou!

She’s small, sassy, and sweet - and she’s the face of your ZooToYou today! Learn owl about Animal Ambassador Owlfredo, the eastern screech owl!


North American porcupines Fezzik and Tarth quill bring the cute to your newsfeed today for #ZooToYou! Learn all about this prickly pair in our Yukon Creek with Senior Keeper Bridget.


Floof alert! Red panda cub Gimli has started to eat more of a "big-boy" diet of solid foods -- and his tiny chompers have quite an affinity for bamboo and apples. Learn more about our fuzzy 8-month-old with Senior Keeper Melissa in today's #ZooToYou. 


Welcome to a Frog Friday edition of #ZooToYou! Education Program Coordinator Katie will introduce you to the poison dart frogs, and explain why ours at the Zoo are not actually poisonous at all!


Your #ZooToYou fix today features lion brothers Dinari and Kamaia enjoying some special scent enrichment provided by their keepers: zebra bedding. This type of sensory enrichment is one of the many ways we care for our animals and keep them active and curious about their surrounding environment. While we've been closed to the public, the animals have gotten the same special care and attention that they always do from their caretakers, and the zebra shavings in particular are always a hit with our lion boys. 

More for lion lovers!


Get outside and explore the nature around you! In today's #ZooToYou, Outreach Coordinator Eliza shows you how simple it can be to participate in some citizen science in your own backyard using the iNaturalist app -- whether you have five minutes or several hours to spare. Learn more about joining our iNaturalist project!


Zoo New England doesn't just work with animals at the zoo - we also have a Conservation Department that works to help populations of rare animals and plants in the wild. Today, Field Biologist Julie Lisk is heading out to check on a critical population of Eastern box turtles. Julie will be tracking down some of the turtles using radio transmitters to see how well the turtles managed over the past winter, a particularly dangerous time of year for young turtles. Tune in to today’s #ZooToYou to learn about this wild turtle conservation project!


Get ready to mix and flamingle with our friends in the Caribbean Coast for today’s #ZooToYou! Learn more about Caribbean flamingos.


It’s time for today’s #ZooToYou— and we’re hanging out with Animal Ambassador Molasses, the two-toed sloth! Want to get more in touch with your inner sloth? Sloth fans, print your own sloth mask!


We’re venturing into the Tropical Forest with Zookeeper Celina! In today’s #ZooToYou, you’ll learn all about our Western lowland gorilla troop – from how our amazing team continues to care for them during our closure, to group dynamics, and even how to say “We love gorillas” in a couple of different languages. Dive deeper into our Kids' Corner to learn more about the gorilla family or to color a gorilla!

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