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We're bringing the Zoo to you! Enjoy these videos of animal cuteness, chats with our care staff, crafts and activities to do at home, and more!

Meet our gorillas, and find out how you can help save gorilla habitat, one cell phone at at time!

Meet Belle the ambassador bunny!

It's ferret playtime today!

Celebrating Kori Bustard Day!

Happy World Water Day!

Happy World Frog Day!

Get a bird's eye view of Franklin Park Zoo's Tropical Forest!

Meet Kupa the leopard tortoise!

Happy Birthday to African lions Dinari and Kamaia!

We’re celebrating World Wildlife Day with our wood turtle headstarts!

Learn about animal ambassador Molasses the two-toed sloth from his caretakers!

Laugh along with our kookaburra in today's #ZooToYou!

Bird is the word in today's #ZooToYou!

Meet Stone Zoo's jaguars!

Hip hippo hooray! We celebrated National Hippo Day with baby Ptolemy and mom Cleo. Learn more about pygmy hippos.

Valentines Day is coming up and we’re visiting cute camel couple Alexander Camelton (Xander) & Zowie! 

We’re visiting the pygmy hippo exhibit with baby Ptolemy and mom Cleo for today’s #ZooToYou​!

To the bat cave! Meet the Seba’s short-tailed bat group in today’s #ZooToYou​.

Meet ostriches Julius and Wub!

We think you quill enjoy meeting prehensile-tailed porcupines Prickles and Shadow!

We're getting down to monkey business with the De Brazza’s monkey family!

Meet Siesta the sloth in today’s #ZooToYou!

Guinea hog Anabelle is hogging the spotlight in today’s #ZooToYou!

Take flight with Cosmo the green aracari!

Join us for a stroll with Lando the red-footed tortoise!

Flamingle with our Caribbean flamingos!

Meet Khumalo and Khomas, our pair of Hartmann’s mountain zebras.

It’s time for an otteriffic #ZooToYou with Sushi and Dunkin! Learn more about North American river otters

We’re checking in with someone very deer to us this time of year — Aoife the reindeer!

Hyacinth macaw Azul and Zookeeper Celina will make your day merry and bright!

Season’s eatings! We were live from our commissary to talk about animal diets and preparing snacks to bring to one of our animal friends in the Zoo!

Meet Clyde the chinchilla! 

We’re checking in with Abby and little Millie on this Tapir Tuesday! 

We’re talking about turtles and meeting Eve the common cooter in today’s #ZooToYou! 

Meet Blue the cougar in today's #ZooToYou!!

We're celebrating World Anteater Day today!

It’s Goatsgiving in today’s #ZooToYou!

It’s beginning to look a lot like ZooLights in today’s #ZooToYou. We’re bringing Valkyrie the barn owl to check things out!

We can bearly wait for today’s #ZooToYou! Hang out with black bears Smoky and Bubba.

We’re visiting our gorilla troop and their newest little addition in today’s #ZooToYou.

Meet Singi the yak in today’s #ZooToYou!

We're down on the farm visiting with our equine friends, Brownie and Squirt, for today's #ZooToYou!

We had a blast celebrating Kambiri the western lowland gorilla’s 10th birthday!

It's World Lemur Day! Learn more about these ring-tailed rascals!

Spot our snow leopards in today's #ZooToYou!

Happy International Sloth Day! For today’s #ZooToYou we’re hanging out with Maxine the Linne’s two-toed sloth! 

Howl’s it going? 🐺 In this #ZooToYou we’re celebrating Wolf Awareness Week with our Mexican gray wolf pack.

Video 1
Happy Vet Tech Appreciation Week! In today’s #ZootoYou
, we’re shining the spotlight on a few of our amazing technicians to hear about the important work that they do each and every day.

Video 2
Happy Vet Tech Appreciation Week! In today’s #ZooToYou
, we’re shining the spotlight on a few of our amazing technicians to hear about the important work that they do each and every day.

For today’s #ZooToYou, join Ambassador Animal Specialist Brian to see what goes into caring for the residents of our Animal Discovery Center!

For today's #ZooToYou we’re checking in with our coati trio!  

We’re not monkeying around in today’s #ZooToYou! Meet the colobus monkeys!  

Join us on our morning adventure with Animal Ambassador ferrets Gotham and Joker for today’s #ZooToYou!  

Happy World Gorilla Day!🦍🦍 Learn more about western lowland gorillas. 

International Red Panda Day is coming up this weekend, so learn more about these furry firefoxes and listen up for some red panda trivia during the chat!

No sleeping in today — we’re celebrating Nero the sloth’s birthday in this #ZooToYou!

In today’s #ZooToYou we’re visiting our Andean condor exhibit to learn all about these winged wonders in honor of International Vulture Awareness Day!

Iguana invite you to today’s #ZooToYou from our Jamaican iguana habitat in the Caribbean Coast! 🦎 Learn all about these endangered reptiles in honor of Iguana Awareness Day this weekend!

In today’s #ZooToYou we’re taking a field trip to the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University to radiotrack some snapping turtle friends, and chat about how we’re working with the Arboretum to enhance the study and conservation of this species across Boston.

Wake up, early birds! We’re visiting Franklin Park Zoo's Aussie Aviary for today’s #ZooToYou 🐦🐥

You've just goat to meet our Nigerian dwarf goats!

Slow your stroll! For today’s #ZooToYou we’re taking a leisurely morning walk with Butch, the yellow-footed tortoise 🐢

Our red kangaroo mob is hoppin'!

Meet our white-naped cranes!

In today’s #ZooToYou we’re checking in with a farm favorite — Gibson the pygmy zebu!

Let’s shellebrate the weekend with a #ZooToYou featuring our African spurred tortoises! 🐢

Happy fifth birthday, Jian! In our #ZooToYou, let’s watch the white-cheeked gibbon family celebrate the birthday boy with some special enrichment treats 🎉 🎁

In honor of Owl Awareness Day, meet eastern screech owl Widget in today’s #ZooToYou! 🦉

Happy World Lion Day 🦁🦁 Start your week off with a roar with lion brothers Dinari and Kamaia in this #ZooToYou!

Attend a tiger training session with Zookeeper, Kelly and tiger, Anala!

Meet our whooping cranes Alec and Sunflower!

Zookeeper Q&A with Kelly and our giraffe!

We’re halfway through Plastic Free July! Zoo Staffer Andrea is here to tell you all about this annual Eco Challenge

It’s a snake celebration in today’s LIVE #ZooToYou! For World Snake Day, meet Siete the red-tailed boa!

Attend a red panda painting session!

In today’s #ZooToYou, meet a few small and snappy friends – our American alligators! There are four gators at the Zoo, each around 2 years old and just a few feet long.

Look who’s hogging the spotlight today — our red river hogs! Learn all about these cuties during our #ZooToYou!

Guess who we quill be meeting today for our World Porcupine Day #ZooToYou — it’s Shadow, the prehensile-tailed porcupine!

Meet Iggy the green iguana!

Check out today's #ZooToYou all about jaguars!

The dog days of summer are here -- let's check in with our prairie dog pack for today's #ZooToYou!

Slither on over for today's #ZooToYou with Diego, the California kingsnake!

Happy #WorldGiraffeDay! The longest day of the year is dedicated to these giants of the savanna, and so is today's #ZooToYou! Learn more about Masai giraffe.

Are you ready to meet three very perfect peccary? We’re hanging out with Brant, Stoop, and Red at their Sierra Madre exhibit today for our #ZooToYou.

It’s World Camel Day so we’re celebrating hump day a little early this week! Today’s #ZooToYou features our beautiful Bactrian camels Alexander Camelton (“Xander”) and Zowie.

Cougar Caturday! Check in with Blue the cougar for today’s #ZooToYou.

Tou-can play at this #ZooToYou! Meet Cosmo and Molly, our adorable green aracaris in Bird's World.

Zoo to You: Let’s goat for a little stroll in the barnyard for today’s #ZooToYou
Learn more about Nigerian dwarf goats!

World Giraffe Day is coming up this Sunday, so let’s take today’s #ZooToYou to new heights and visit with Masai giraffe Amari and Chad!

Owl bet you’re going to love today’s #ZooToYou! 🦉Meet barn owl Valkyrie and learn all about these beautiful birds in today’s video.

Hello, Jockamo! The Tropical Forest may still be closed to the public, but Lead Keeper Sarah is taking us inside to check in on our resident giant anteater and a fan favorite, Jockamo, in today’s #ZooToYou.

It's training time! In today's #ZooToYou, get a look at how Lead Keeper Angela works with our black Welsh mountain sheep girls on halter and lead training.

Skinks Barry and Ernie are ready for their close-up in today's #ZooToYou!

For today's #ZooToYou, we're bringing gila monsters Ren and Stimpy outside to get some sun on those scales. Learn all about these lovable lizards in today's video!

You’ve just GOAT to tune in to today’s #ZooToYou — we’re checking in with our markhor group in their Himalayan Highlands exhibit!

Our guinea hog girls, Pumpkin and Zoe, were recently scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound. Ultrasound is one of the important diagnostic tools that we can use throughout an animal’s lifetime to monitor for any changes in their health. Thanks to our well-established training program which allows our animals to take part voluntarily in their routine medical care, this check-up on the girls went swiftly and smoothly without requiring the use of anesthesia!

Zookeeper Miranda, the primary trainer for the guinea hogs, worked closely with Pumpkin and Zoe leading up to the ultrasound to gradually introduce the behaviors that would be asked for during the exam. This helped to make the experience as stress-free as possible for the guinea hogs, and as a reward for doing such a great job they were treated to one of their favorite things: a good scratch-down from the team! We’re grateful to our incredible care staff for their commitment to our animals’ well-being each and every day. See some of the footage in today’s #ZooToYou.

In today's #ZooToYou, meet some of the littler creatures that call the Zoo home: animal ambassadors Geico the leopard gecko, and Xena the sugar glider!

We’re all ears for today’s #ZooToYou – featuring our beautiful Poitou donkeys Vollavon and Pegasus! Learn all about these residents of our Franklin Farm.

Let’s take a nice slow stroll with red-footed tortoise, Lando for today’s #ZooToYou! 🐢 Getting outside for some sun and visiting the other animals is one form of enrichment for Lando. Learn more in today’s video!

Happy World Parrot Day! For today’s #ZooToYou we’ll be chatting all about these beautiful birds and introducing you to our macaws Cusco and Rockwell, residents of our Caribbean Coast exhibit.

It’s time for anotter great edition of #ZooToYou! Since we’re celebrating World Otter Day this week, let’s get to know more about our North American river otters Dunkin and Sushi for today’s video.

Today’s #ZooToYou has been spotted! Learn all about our spotted hyena boys Thika and Kai.

We’re so excited to be shellebrating World Turtle Day today with a special #ZooToYou from the field! Today, we’ll be releasing some very special friends into their new home: nine little Blanding’s turtles who are the most recent graduates of our HATCH (Hatchling and Turtle Conservation through Headstarting) program. Three of the turtles were raised here at Stone Zoo, and six from our friends at Medford High School before schools closed this spring. These small, shelled creatures are one of Massachusetts’ rarest wild animals, and giving them a headstart increases their chances of survival. Learn more in today’s video!

Don't judge a bug by its cover! In today's #ZooToYou, join Zookeeper Celina to learn about the important role played by the tiny but mighty inhabitants of the bug farm here at Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo.

Watch the African spurred tortoises move to their summer exhibit outside of Windows to the Wild in today's #ZooToYou!

Spotted hyena Thika had a smooth and successful dental procedure this month after it became apparent that he needed root canals in one of his premolars, and part of a fractured tooth removed. The exam required the use of anesthesia, which zookeepers were able to administer by hand and stress-free for Thika, thanks to our comprehensive training program. Thika is one of the oldest hyenas in human care, and our dedicated animal care team will continue to monitor his teeth and other aspects of his health through training as he ages to keep him healthy and comfortable.

A special thank you to Zoo New England Advisory Board member Dr. Steven Spitz of Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry for lending his assistance and expertise to this procedure. Get an inside look at the exam today for our #ZooToYou.

We’re LIVE from our honeybee hive for World Bee Day! Sit back and learn all about these un-bee-lievably important insects and some simple ways for you to protect our pollinators. Want to look like a busy bee? Print your own bee mask!

Bird is the word in today’s #ZooToYou!  We’re LIVE in the aviary at Nature’s Neighborhoods to introduce you to some feathered friends.

Today during #ZooToYou, meet someone small and snappy -- Chip, the 2-year-old American alligator!

Breathe in, breathe out. We're bringing you some Zoo Zen for today's #ZooToYou. Take a moment (a minute and a half, to be exact) to unwind with a purr-fect sun-soaked Kamaia from this gorgeous Caturday. Learn more about African lions.

Today is Endangered Species Day, and this year it’s extra special for us here at the Zoo as we’ve recently welcomed a new Mexican gray wolf pack of six very handsome boys to the Zoo. Mexican gray wolves are the rarest and most genetically distinct subspecies of the North American gray wolf, and you’ll learn all about our boys and our conservation efforts for this species in today’s #ZooToYou!

Ewe are going to love today's #ZooToYou -- featuring our black Welsh mountain sheep ladies and Lead Keeper Angela!

Come out of your shell and join us for today’s #ZooToYou, where we’ll be meeting some of our turtle and tortoise friends who reside here at the Zoo!

Today’s #ZooToYou is in full swing, and we’re checking in with our white-cheeked gibbon family - Iggy, Kien, Jian, and Trieu! 

In today's #ZooToYou, learn about the important role of regular weight-checks for our animals -- featuring Animal Ambassador Clyde! 

Field Trip Friday! Today’s #ZooToYou brings us out into the field, where we’re celebrating the release of our first HATCH (Hatchling and Turtle Conservation through Headstarting) graduates of the season! These snapping turtles have been head-started by students from Boston Public Schools and Acton Public Schools, as well as Zoo staff, so that they have a better chance at survival in the wild. 

In today’s #ZooToYou we’re checking in with someone near and deer to us - Holly and Aoife the reindeer! Let’s hoof it to learn more in today’s chat with Senior Keeper Dayle.

“Creepy crawlies” often don’t get a lot of love, but we’re going to introduce you to some friends that we hope change your mind! Meet some of these Animal Ambassadors during today’s #ZooToYou.

What's black and white and wild all over? Today's #ZooToYou, featuring Grant's zebra Nemo! Learn all about zebras and watch a training session with Nemo and Senior Keeper Laura.

Today’s #ZooToYou features a special look at a paw-some training session with our bush dogs! Zookeepers Faye and Cathy will show you how they work with these unique canids and explain why training is important here at our Zoos.

Our sweet Singi the yak is the star of #ZooToYou today. Learn all about this 18-year-old, hay and grain loving girl with Zoo Educator Caitlin.

We’re all about animal adaptations in today’s #ZooToYou! From fantastic floof to strong sturdy shells, let’s learn about some of the ways that animals thrive and survive in their environments.

Today’s #ZooToYou is hoppin’! Join us on the Outback Trail to hang out with our kangaroos and emus!

Get ready for a tapirtastic #ZooToYou as we celebrate World Tapir Day! Spend some time with our beautiful Baird's tapir Abby and one of her caretakers, Amanda. You'll learn all about this unique mammal that looks like a member of the pig family but is actually a relative of horses and rhinos!
Draw a tapir with Zookeeper Kelly 
Tapir coloring page

Happy World Veterinary Day! For today’s #ZooToYou, Associate Veterinarian Dr. Brianne Phillips will give you a look inside life here at our Zoo Hospital, and what goes into caring for the animals at Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo. Thank you so much to our dedicated team at the Zoo Hospital, and to all of the other veterinary professionals who continue to provide essential care to our animal friends of all kinds, even during these uncertain times.

The City Nature Challenge 2020 kicks off TODAY! Over the next four days, we invite you to join friends around the globe as we celebrate the incredible biodiversity found all around us. For today's #ZooToYou, Outreach Coordinator Eliza will show us just how easy it is to get started -- even if it's in your own backyard! Learn more!

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! To celebrate the biodiversity found all around us, join Emilie from our Conservation Department here at Zoo New England for a special #ZooToYou from the field. Learn more about how you can #SpringIntoAction to protect our planet and all of its inhabitants.

Creating enrichment for giraffe is a tall order – luckily, our care team knows just what Chad and Amari enjoy … plenty of greens! Let’s learn more with Senior Keeper Kelly in today’s #ZooToYou.

Today's #ZooToYou has us seeing red ... pandas, that is. Join Zookeeper Hannah to learn all about these adorable firefoxes and get an up-close look at a training session during today's video!
Learn more about red pandas, then make your own mask!

Two little ones are ready to come out of their shells to make their #ZooToYou debut today! Zookeeper Miranda is currently caring for two Eastern box turtles, "Pink" and "Red" at home as part of Zoo New England's Grassroots Wildlife Conservation's H.A.T.C.H program. Eastern box turtles are listed as a species of special concern here in Massachusetts due to habitat loss and destruction, road mortality, and collection by individuals as pets. By headstarting them in human care, their chances of survival are greatly increased once released into the wild. Thanks to Miranda and all of the members of our care team who go above and beyond each day -- even when it means bringing the work home with them!

It's training time! For today's #ZooToYou, Senior Keeper Kayla gives us a look at her training program with warthogs Kanunu and Everett and explains why training is such an important part of our animal care program here at the Zoo. One of the things we learn about today from Kayla is "successive approximation", or the smaller baby steps that it takes to learn a new behavior. Can you think of a skill that you've learned using successive approximation?

We’re LIVE with the lions for today’s #ZooToYou. 🦁🦁Learn all about our mane guys Dinari and Kamaia with Senior Keeper Kelly.

For lion lovers!

We’re halfway through the week — take a moment to pause and chin-chill with Nermal, our long-tailed chinchilla and Animal Ambassador during today’s #ZooToYou!

Enrichment is such an important part of the care for all of our animals, and for today’s #ZooToYou we’ll show you a brand new enrichment item in action - a climbing wall we built for our snakes to explore! Learn more about enrichment and meet Bermuda, the Pueblan milk snake in today’s video.

Our Tropical Forest is always a great place to spend a rainy day, so for this #ZooToYou let's check in with green anaconda Tom Riddle at the SlitherInn, with Education Program Manager Caitlin!

Education Specialist Nora will show us how to play along in today’s #ZooToYou. We challenge you to use all your senses to discover more of the nature around you! Download your board to mark it up on your phone or print at home.

We’re venturing into the Tropical Forest with Zookeeper Celina! In today’s #ZooToYou, you’ll learn all about our Western lowland gorilla troop – from how our amazing team continues to care for them during our closure, to group dynamics, and even how to say “We love gorillas” in a couple of different languages. Dive deeper into our Kids' Corner to learn more about the gorilla family or to color a gorilla!

It’s time for today’s #ZooToYou— and we’re hanging out with Animal Ambassador Molasses, the two-toed sloth! Want to get more in touch with your inner sloth? Sloth fans, print your own sloth mask!

Get ready to mix and flamingle with our friends in the Caribbean Coast for today’s #ZooToYou! Learn more about Caribbean flamingos.

Zoo New England doesn't just work with animals at the zoo - we also have a Conservation Department that works to help populations of rare animals and plants in the wild. Today, Field Biologist Julie Lisk is heading out to check on a critical population of Eastern box turtles. Julie will be tracking down some of the turtles using radio transmitters to see how well the turtles managed over the past winter, a particularly dangerous time of year for young turtles. Tune in to today’s #ZooToYou to learn about this wild turtle conservation project!

Get outside and explore the nature around you! In today's #ZooToYou, Outreach Coordinator Eliza shows you how simple it can be to participate in some citizen science in your own backyard using the iNaturalist app -- whether you have five minutes or several hours to spare. Learn more about joining our iNaturalist project!

Your #ZooToYou fix today features lion brothers Dinari and Kamaia enjoying some special scent enrichment provided by their keepers: zebra bedding. This type of sensory enrichment is one of the many ways we care for our animals and keep them active and curious about their surrounding environment. While we've been closed to the public, the animals have gotten the same special care and attention that they always do from their caretakers, and the zebra shavings in particular are always a hit with our lion boys. 

More for lion lovers!

Welcome to a Frog Friday edition of #ZooToYou! Education Program Coordinator Katie will introduce you to the poison dart frogs, and explain why ours at the Zoo are not actually poisonous at all!

Floof alert! Red panda cub Gimli has started to eat more of a "big-boy" diet of solid foods -- and his tiny chompers have quite an affinity for bamboo and apples. Learn more about our fuzzy 8-month-old with Senior Keeper Melissa in today's #ZooToYou. 

North American porcupines Fezzik and Tarth quill bring the cute to your newsfeed today for #ZooToYou! Learn all about this prickly pair in our Yukon Creek with Senior Keeper Bridget.

She’s small, sassy, and sweet - and she’s the face of your ZooToYou today! Learn owl about Animal Ambassador Owlfredo, the eastern screech owl!

Happy Salamander Sunday! For today’s #ZooToYou,we’re focusing on some squirmy little marbled salamanders. Zoo New England's Grassroots Wildlife Conservation has been working with local schools to head-start 80 salamanders, and once big and healthy enough, they will be released into the Middlesex Fells as part of the reintroduction effort to boost populations. Hear more from Senior Keeper Courtney!

Mondays can be tough, but we've goat the cure: Meet our friends in the Franklin Farm in today’s #ZootoYou!

Today’s #ZooToYou comes from the vernal pool! Even during these tough times, members of our staff have been continuing to complete important field work. Emilie from Zoo New England's Grassroots Wildlife Conservation is here to talk about what the start of spring time means for native species that we’re helping to protect, like wood frogs, and will even give you an up-close look at wood frog eggs! 

For today's #ZooToYou, Senior Keeper Dayle wants you to meet a new face on the block -- Dunkin, a two-year-old female otter! This cutie arrived to the Zoo as a recommendation by the Species Survival Plan – a program that strives to ensure healthy and genetically diverse populations of species. Learn more about North American river otters.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy today’s #ZooToYou - featuring our sloth family here at Stone Zoo!

Get ready to move and groove during today’s #ZooToYou – featuring Julius the ostrich and Zookeeper Nicole! Find out all about our ostriches, including why they display this special “dance”.

We’re all ears as we spend time with Ariel the fennec fox, an Animal Ambassador here at Zoo New England!

Welcome to our first Zoo To You! Learn about our black bears, Smoky and Bubba, with Zoo Educators Jen and Katie!

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