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Gibbon Family

  • Fun Fact:

    White-cheeked gibbons live in the canopy of the subtropical Asian rainforest and hardly ever venture to the forest floor.

  • Fun Fact:

    Animal enrichment helps to keep the gibbons active and engaged.

  • Fun Fact:

    As long as the weather is warmer than 45 degrees Farenheit, we'll be out and about at Stone Zoo!

What's that sound? Gibbons make some amazing sounds, from hauntingly beautiful calls, to silly sounding hoots and howls. On your next visit, be sure to listen for our gibbons gabbing!

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About the White-Cheeked Gibbon

conservation status: critically endangered

Geographic Range:

range map

Class: Mammalia  
Order: Primate
Family: Hylobatidae  
Genus: Hylobates  
Species: leucogenys 

The white-cheeked gibbon is a small and slender tree-dwelling ape. Like all apes, it has no tail. Up above the forest floor, gibbons use their long arms to swing between branches and vines, an activity called brachiating. They can also leap across gaps in the tree canopy up to 30 feet. On the ground, gibbons walk on their legs, often with arms held above their heads for balance.

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