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Gorilla Family

  • About Little Joe:

    Little Joe gets along well with the other gorillas, and he's curious and intelligent. He has proven the easiest gorilla to train and the quickest learner. Little Joe is especially good at figuring out how to get food out of puzzle feeders.

  • About Kiki:

    Kiki is Kambiri's mother. Zookeepers describe her as a great mom who is very patient. Kiki likes to make nests out of hay to sleep in at night, and she loves grapes!


  • About Kambiri:

    Kambiri was born on Nov. 3, 2010 and is Kiki's third daughter. Kambiri's baby sister is Azize, and her father is Kit. Kambiri loves oatmeal.

  • About Azize:

    Mom, Kiki gave birth to her fourth baby, Azize, with mate, Kitombe in May of 2015. Little Azize is full of personality, and you'll likely see her playing or exploring during your visit to the Tropical Forest.

Meet the gorilla family in the Tropical Forest at Franklin Park Zoo!

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Kimani, Kambiri and Azize are Kitombe (Kit) and Kiki’s offspring, all born here at Franklin Park Zoo. Kimani and Kambiri have lived with Little Joe their entire lives and seem to view him as a big brother. Kit is great with his offspring and can often be seen playing with Kambiri.

About the Western Lowland Gorilla


Geographic Range:


Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Hominidae
Genus: Gorilla 
Species: gorilla
Subspecies: gorilla

Gorillas are the world’s largest living primates. Male western lowland gorillas can grow to 5.5-feet tall and weigh up to 450 pounds. Females can grow to 4.5-feet tall and weigh up to 250 pounds. Western lowland gorillas live in groups, or “bands” in or near African forests. The alpha male leads the band and those who challenge him are apt to be cowed by impressive shows of physical power—he may throw things, make aggressive charges, pound his huge chest while barking out powerful hoots, or unleash a frightening roar.

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