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Update on Snow Leopard Family


Making a cub-back! Snow leopard cub Naphisa is back on exhibit with mom Kira and sister Pandora after a swift and smooth recovery from a fractured leg. While getting re-acclimated to her habitat, she’s been doing what cubs do best: running, jumping, and playing with her sister. When you see Naphisa, you may notice that her thick coat of fur hasn’t fully grown back yet on the leg that was operated on, but it’ll return to its normal level of fluffiness over time! Please note that while Naphisa is still getting re-acclimated to being back in her habitat, the schedule for her to be on exhibit with her mom and sister is subject to change day by day.


A good-news cubdate! After a smooth recovery process following surgery for a fractured leg, snow leopard cub Naphisa had her final check-up. Veterinary staff is very happy with the progress that Naphisa has made in her recovery, and she has been cleared to be back on exhibit soon! The snow leopard care team reunited Naphisa with her sister, Pandora, and mom, Kira, and all three girls are doing well. Before being back on exhibit together, you may see them in the outdoor area next to their building as they continue to get re-acclimated and Naphisa gets ready to be back on exhibit.

We want to once again thank our friends at Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital who provided advanced imaging and performed surgery to repair Naphisa’s leg in March – they played an instrumental role in getting our cub on the road to recovery!


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Friday, March 8, 2019

We would like to share an update on the snow leopard family. Kira and her 10-month-old cubs, Pandora and Naphisa, are currently off exhibit and will be for the time-being. After the snow leopard care team recently observed Naphisa limping, our veterinary staff examined her and performed X-rays revealing that she had fractured her right rear leg. She is in good health otherwise, and surgery is being planned in the very near future. Naphisa and Pandora are curious, active and energetic cubs, and we do not know how she sustained her injury. Staff is closely monitoring Naphisa and we will share updates on this page as she continues to recover. In the meantime, Himal, the cubs’ father, can be seen on exhibit in the Himalayan Highlands.