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Exam goes smoothly for tiger at Franklin Park Zoo

Anala, Franklin Park Zoo’s 12-year-old tiger, underwent a routine medical examination on December 12.

Thanks to Zoo New England’s well-established training program, Anala was voluntarily injected with anesthetic drugs at the start of the procedure. The training program plays an important role in our care of the animals. Animals are trained not only in husbandry behaviors that assist the zookeepers in daily care, but also in medical behaviors to help hospital staff with veterinary care.

The exam included chest, abdomen and dental X-rays, a full abdominal ultrasound, blood samples and vaccines, and a dental cleaning. The procedure went very smoothly, and Anala recovered well. From her physical exam, veterinarians say the 252-pound tiger looks very good for her age.

Anala can now be seen back on exhibit, along with Luther, with whom she shares her Tiger Tales exhibit.