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Donate old cell phones to help gorillas

Zoo New England is answering the call to help gorillas, and we need your help! The next time you visit Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo, bring your old electronic device to drop off in one of the Zoo’s recycling bins! Better yet, start your own collection drive; we’ll work with your group, class, team, organization or workplace to join the recycling challenge. Look for the collection bin in the Tropical Forest at Franklin Park Zoo, or by the main gate at Stone Zoo to recycle your old phone and make a difference.

Gorilla numbers in the wild are declining at a rapid rate due to habitat loss. Cell phones contain coltan, a material mined from the western lowland gorilla's natural habitat. Because of high cell phone demand, the coltan mining business has increased rapidly in recent years. The result is dramatic destruction of the natural habitat that is home to gorillas and many other species.

The Gorillas on the Line campaign urges consumers to extend the life of their cell phone by committing to using it a few years longer, and by recycling it when it’s finally time for an upgrade. When recycled, old electronics and chargers can have a major impact on the lives of gorillas and other species that share their habitat. All proceeds from donated devices support the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Gorilla SAFE (Saving Animals from Extinction) initiative to save them from extinction by restoring healthy populations in the wild.

Zoo New England's mission is to protect and sustain the natural world for future generations. Participating in Gorillas on the Line is one of the many ways the Zoo commits to conservation.