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Lion at Franklin Park Zoo experiencing serious health issues

UPDATE: Wednesday, April 5

Thank you to everyone for all of your care and concern for our 14-year-old male lion Kamaia. Throughout the past five days, his overall demeanor has steadily improved. Kamaia has responded well to medication to treat severe pneumonia, and he is alert, more active and eating very well. He is even showing interest in some of his favorite enrichment, such as investigating novel scents sprayed on boxes and branches.

Our veterinarians are encouraged by his progress and are continuing to monitor him closely. Though inconclusive, previous diagnostic tests indicated that Kamaia is dealing with some underlying chronic medical issues in addition to the pneumonia. For now, Kamaia remains in his off-exhibit space where his dedicated care team can keep a close eye on him.

His brother Dinari can be seen in the outdoor habitat, and is doing well.

The staff at Franklin Park Zoo announced today that Kamaia, a 14-year-old lion, is experiencing serious health issues.

Kamaia, who has been lethargic with a loss of appetite, is being treated for severe pneumonia. The comprehensive diagnostic tests from two recent exams under anesthesia have thus far been inconclusive, although it appears that Kamaia does have some underlying chronic medical issues in addition to the pneumonia.

The Animal Care and veterinary teams have been working extraordinarily hard to care for Kamaia, who remains in his off-exhibit space so that he can be closely monitored. While he has started to show some improvement in the last 48 hours, his condition is still serious.

“While we are heartened by his recent improvement in activity, demeanor and appetite, his prognosis remains guarded until we see much more improvement,” said Dr. Chris Bonar, Zoo New England Director of Animal Health. “His dedicated care team has been working so hard to do everything they can to care for him and ensure that he is comfortable.”

Kamaia and his brother Dinari, also age 14, have resided at Franklin Park Zoo since 2015. Dinari continues to go into the outdoor habitat, and is doing well.