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Our Zoos will be closed for all-staff events on the following dates:
Tuesday, Feb. 7: Stone Zoo Closed  •  Thursday, Feb. 9: Franklin Park Zoo Closed
We hope to see you on another day!

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Beau, 18-year-old Masai giraffe, experiencing health issues

BeaugiraffeWe would like to share with everyone that Beau, our 18-year-old Masai giraffe, is experiencing some health issues. Through a well-established behavioral training program with his zookeepers, last week we were able to collect a blood sample from Beau. The results from the diagnostic tests received thus far do not indicate what could be causing his issues, which include lethargy and loss of body condition. We are awaiting further test results.
While his appetite is good, he has not gained weight despite eating 50 pounds of food a day, which is the appropriate amount for a giraffe of his size. Staff is monitoring him closely and will be making some dietary adjustments to see if this results in any improvement. Due to his health issues, he will not be seen on exhibit on the Giraffe Savannah this spring. He may have access to the off-exhibit outdoor space near the Giraffe Barn on warmer days.
We hope that you will keep Beau in your thoughts.


Photo courtesy of Peter Lewicki