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Young Zoo New England volunteer wins $10,000 for the Zoos

CoxheroZoo New England is thrilled to share that dedicated volunteer Adam Crellin-Sazama has won $10,000 for the Zoos as the recipient of the Cox Conserves Heroes Award! We'd like to extend a huge Thank You to everyone who showed their support by voting and spreading the word far and wide through your networks and on social media.
The Zoo is so grateful to Adam for his passion and dedication to our organization, and to educating and inspiring other young people to be active stewards of the planet. Adam has contributed his time to the Zoos for several years, working to educate the public about the animals, wildlife conservation and climate change. This award not only brings Zoo New England more funding, but is one more achievement in having the Zoos recognized for conservation. Adam is an outstanding example of how the Zoos are inspiring the conservation leaders of tomorrow, even at such a young age.
To learn more about Adam's conservation work, and what you can do to be a hero for wildlife and the planet, visit his website, Youth United for Animals and the Planet.
We would also like to thank FOX25 and Cox Conserves Heroes for making this possible. Watch FOX25's coverage of the award ceremony here.
Thank you again for your support!