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The Movement at Berklee visits Franklin Park Zoo

Berklee College of Music students will be preforming music for the animals that call Franklin Park Zoo home, as part of a collaboration between the Movement at Berklee program and Zoo New England’s Animal Care department. From 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. on April 16, performances will be held throughout the Zoo in front of various exhibits. The experience will be enriching both for the animals and the guests.

“We have been working with The Movement at Berklee for almost 10 years on this project to bring music to the animals,” said Anne Knapp, Zoo New England Director of Animal Resources. “We take a comprehensive look at an animal’s natural history, and find ways to stimulate all of its senses. Many animals at the zoo react to the music by relaxing and watching the musicians, vocalizing or becoming more active by displaying play behavior, and other forms of positive excitement. This form of auditory enrichment benefits the animals as well as our guests.”

The Movement at Berklee is a powerful, student-led program that uses music as a catalyst for community building and social change. Student, faculty, staff, and alumni volunteers collaborate with partner organizations to conduct a broad range of activities including youth mentorship, performance outreach, and musical instruction.

Image courtesy of The Movement at Berklee.