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#ZooToYou digital content to be presented by U.Fund College Investing Plan and MEFA

UFundZoo New England announces its #ZooToYou digital content program will be presented by U.Fund College Investing Plan and MEFA.

“#ZooToYou, featuring a mix of Facebook live, videos and activities, has been incredibly well-received with a lot of engagement from our audience. While 2020 has been challenging for us all, it has also been filled with new opportunities for mission delivery through fun and educational digital content,” said John Linehan, Zoo New England President and CEO. “We are incredibly grateful to the U.Fund College Investing Plan and MEFA for their support of #ZooToYou and our mission to educate people of all ages about the incredible biodiversity on our planet and the importance of preserving this.”

Last spring while Zoo New England’s Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo were closed due health and safety measures to combat the pandemic, #ZooToYou was launched to keep people engaged and connected to the zoo’s mission and animals. Content presented by the zoo’s Animal Care team and educators is designed to deepen people’s understanding of wildlife, and the zoo’s commitment to care and conservation. Featured content has included behind-the-scenes visits with the two-toed sloth family, trips into the field to spotlight local conservation work, presentations on a wide array of animals, as well as presentations highlighting veterinary care, and the importance of training and enrichment.

#ZooToYou is presented through Facebook Live each week on the Franklin Park Zoo Facebook page and Stone Zoo Facebook page. Since launching in March 2020,

ZooToYou has reached an audience of 2,664,310 with 704,649 video views. All of the videos can be found in the Kids’ Corner section of our website.