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Saturday, June 22: Stone Zoo will close at 3pm (last tickets sold at 2pm) in preparation for our event, A Wild Affair. Please plan your visit accordingly!

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Be a voice for wildlife!

Tiger3 Boxllegal wildlife trafficking kills tens of thousands of animals annually and generates billions of dollars of profit for criminals and criminal enterprises each year. Up to this point there has been little to no punishment for the perpetrators, providing zero incentive for poachers to stop. Now, Congress has the opportunity to clamp down on this senseless slaughter – bills are being considered which would officially make wildlife trafficking a more serious crime which incurs harsher punishment. To move wildlife protections forward, we ask you to contact Senator Markey and Senator Warren and urge them to co-sponsor S. 2385, the END Wildlife Trafficking Act.

The United States can be a leader in combating wildlife trafficking, which spans multiple continents and affects tens of thousands of animals, including Anala the tiger, pictured here. 96Elephants TusksIn 2005, Anala and another tiger named Luther were confiscated in a sting operation by US Fish and Wildlife special agents who posed as private sector buyers and were able to purchase them from the wildlife sanctuary where they were living. Franklin Park Zoo was able to provide a home for the pair, where they still reside, and through their story educate people of all ages about illegal wildlife trafficking.

Over the last year, Zoo New England has asked for your help, as members and supporters, in our efforts to combat wildlife trafficking by banning the sale of ivory and rhino horn in Massachusetts, and we hope that you will continue to use your voice to be a champion for wildlife here in Massachusetts, in Washington and around the globe. From elephants and rhinos to tigers and tortoises, let’s work together to ensure a bright future for all of these amazing species.