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Arts & Crafts

Draw an Otter

  • Start with Shapes

    Draw circles for the rump, chest and leg, and a rounded square for the head. Otters have very boxy heads!

  • Connect Your Shapes

    Draw lines to connect the head to the chest, and add in the feet.

  • Finish Your Outline

    Connect all your remaining shapes together, and add in a thick tail, nose and eyes.

  • Add the Details

    Add in your otter's ears, mouth and toes, and lines to show where we'll color in the otter.

  • Fill It In

    Shade in your otter! Otters have brown fur on their heads, and white fur on their chests and faces.

  • Add Some Shading

    You can add shading to the parts of the otter which might be in shadow, like under the belly. Add in little hairs to show the otter's fur by drawing short lines in the direction the hair goes. You're done!

The North American river otter has a long body, short legs and a muscular neck, with short fur ranging from light brown to black.

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